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Does Your Yard Look Like This?

Telltale Signs That You Might Have Drainage Issues:

  1. Water puddling in your basement
  2. Stains high on your inside foundation wall,or stucco cracking on your outside foundation walls
  3. Cracks that appear in your foundation walls
  4. A white or gray crusty deposit on your basement walls
  5. Mildew on the underside of your roof in the attic
  6. Gulleys in your landscaping
  7. Cracks in your concrete patio or paver stones start popping up

If you live in Montgomery County, PA you most likely have heavy clay soil. Heavy clay soils are made up of fine particles that form tight, impenetrable layers that typically do not allow for proper drainage and become waterlogged. When these same clay soils dry out, they can create a hard, dense surface that can cause runoff and damage the foundation of your home. Landscape features that may create drainage problems include bare soil, a yard that slopes down toward your house, paved surfaces that direct runoff toward your house, or hard packed clay soil.

Outdoor Drainage Solutions


Gutter & Downspout Issues
If you notice areas of white or gray crusty material on the basement walls, that’s mineral deposits left behind by evaporating water and moisture is condensing. It may not cause structural problems, but you may want to check that your gutters and downspouts are working properly and the grading of your soil around the foundation is correct.

Check Your Attic for Condensation
You might think that the attic is a strange place to look for drainage problems, but mildew on the underside of your roof can be a sign of serious trouble at ground level. Moisture/dampness from your basement (or crawl space) could be rising through your house and condensing on the underside of the roof.

Gullies & Washed Out Areas of Your Yard
When soil doesn’t drain properly, rain runs off and you could see gulleys or washed out areas in your landscape. It may appear as piles of silt on pathways, or it could carry piles of mulch or wood chips where they don’t belong. If you have a sloping yard (front or back) that approaches the house, a depression in the yard that causes pooling, or gutters draining next to the foundation, it’s simple to fix your drainage problems by making sure the soil slopes away from the house.

Patio Cracks & Paver Stones Popping Up
If your concrete patio cracks or concrete paver stones start popping up, this may be happening because the gravel or sand base material under them has washed away. The first step is to fix your drainage issues and then you may have to redo your concrete patio or patio pavers and the foundation under them.

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